Our Features

  • Passive Income

    Get upto 25% monthly profit of your investments

  • Maximum Transparency

    1st time in world you will get monthly trade result (Each transaction) by live video.

  • 24/7 support

    Our support team and investor chat can always help with any of your queries.

  • Refer a Friend

    Develop your own team and earn upto 30% of your friend's profit.

Distribute your referral link among your friends and acquaintances and get an extra profit upto 30% of your friend's profit under the referral program.
10% 1st level
5% 2nd level
As a standard user you will get 15% referral bonus from your friend's profit.
15% 1 level
10% 2 level
5% 2 level
Ambassador Program
If you are highly motivated, really skilled at conveying ideas, good at communicating with people, and excited by our implementation of blockchain technology for a next-level global blockchain fund. Beyond the obvious reward of being a first Stayza Group-er in your crypto community, we are happy to let you know there is 15% higher bonus then standard user.

About Us

We are experts in the field of trading & developing blockchain technology, Since 2016 our team has been out performing crypto assets and since the start of the year 2019 we have generated profit over 209.84% on BTC and 173.03% on USDT. In past three years we managed to show our best side and consolidated all the results. We are young and energetic professionals who are always eager to achieve goals. We consider that our aim is to develop and participate in dynamic cryptocurrency trading desk. Now we gradually master possibilities of cryptocurrency and share our experience through quality asset management service. Our trust management principal is using your investment to trade with crypto assets.


The Stayza Group team is rapidly moving forward and hitting our milestones — momentum is building by the day, and you can be a part of that!
Jan 20 Performance Report