Terms Of Service

Please read the following Terms Of Service carefully before Investing in Stayza Group.

We are here to invest and trade for you as when you profit, we profit with you. You must be aware of the risks and accept the risks in order to invest in our fund.

Adding to that we operate on the most secure exchanges in the world. Only 50-70 percent of pooled investment is actively traded with on exchanges, the other 30-50 percent of pooled investment is stored in our base currency bitcoin and they are held on cold storage of which there is no risk of hacks and such, as cold storage cannot be tampered with.

Information contained on this website as well as the products, services, tools and material contained or described herein (the “Website”) is only appropriate for viewing by those who are interested in investing their BTC assets and investments.

By accessing this website and wallet, you confirm that:

You are doing so at your own initiative and that any subsequent investment by you in a product or service related to Stayza Group may not be covered by the laws and regulations governing the sales of securities and provision of financial services in your jurisdiction;

You are permitted under the laws applicable to you and any organization which you represent to access this Website.

In the event that you are unable to provide the confirmation above, you are forbidden from accessing the Website and STAYZA GROUP disclaims all liability arising to you as a result of your prohibited access of the website and fund itself.

With that STAYZA GROUP is not responsible for lost or stolen funds if you give your own password away or do not lock up your device and or account. Your passwords and 2fa are entirely yours to keep safe and must do so to ensure your account’s security.

Finally, STAYZA GROUP is an investment fund that sees daily changes in both directions. This means that your BTC will grow and other days may see a slight decline. This is essential in understanding before entering the fund as losses do happen even though STAYZA GROUP has been profitable in the long haul and continues to strive in that path.

Risk Warning

An investor may get back less than the amount invested. Information on past performance, where given, is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The capital value of units in the fund can fluctuate and the price of units can go down as well as up and is not guaranteed. The investments and services offered by us may not be suitable for all people. If you have any doubts as to the merits of an investment, you should seek advice from an STAYZA GROUP financial advisor. You should be aware that certain types of funds might carry greater investment risk than other investment funds.

The Stayza Group team is rapidly moving forward and hitting our milestones — momentum is building by the day, and you can be a part of that!
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